No Hot Sauce for Beyonce, Please!

Perhaps Beyonce's hiding her eyes from the sight of freaky food.

We all know pregnant women can develop some pretty odd cravings – pickles, candy, butter, even (bleah!) laundry starch and chalk. But Beyonce sets the record straight on 20/20 tomorrow night when she addresses the persistent rumors that she’s hungry for super-spicy sundaes.“Have you had any cravings in particular since you’ve been pregnant?” interviewer Katie Couric asks the bumpalicious singer.

“Not really anything crazy,” Beyonce replies. “I’ve read that I like ketchup on everything, That’s very strange.”

Couric then asks about her supposed craving for ice cream with chili sauce. “Is that not true?”

“No, it is not!” the star says emphatically. She goes on to recall a recent plane trip in which a flight attendant  – a gossip fan, it seems – offered her hot sauce, pickles and bananas. “I’m like, ‘That is absolutely disgusting! What are you doing?’ ” Beyonce recalls with a laugh.

It’s nice to know that Beyonce hasn’t added anything weird to her diet. But if the rumors were true, then it’s possible that a little Jay-Z Jr. is in her future: An old wives’ tale has it that craving salty foods means you’re expecting a boy.

The episode airs tomorrow night on ABC.


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