No Joke: Chilean Miner Is Running New York City Marathon!

NYC marathon
Crowds will cheer on the Chilean miner as he runs the NYC marathon!

Chilean miner Edison Pena didn’t use being trapped underground for two months as an excuse to get flabby he occupied himself by running six miles in the labyrinth of underground tunnels while waiting to be rescued, and now he’s going to put that training to use. Pena is running this weekend’s New York City Marathon!

Speaking as someone who has (just barely) finished two marathons, and who needed every single mile of training to do it, I am totally blown away by his commitment.

He says he wants to finish the 26.2-mile race, not just start it what a cool example for kids who are looking for inspiration to accomplish something in their own lives.

Initially, the New York Road Runners Club had invited Pena to simply observe the race and be their guest. When he told them he wanted to run they were shocked and supportive.

He and his wife will arrive Thursday and take in some sightseeing as well before Sunday’s race.

What do you think could you run a marathon after an ordeal like Pena went through?


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