No Joke: Dane Cook's Brother Embezzles Millions From Him

Dane Cook
Dane Cook and Kate Hudson

Even comedian Dane Cook probably finds this no laughing matter: His half-brother, Darryl McCauley, has been sentenced to up to six years in prison after pleading guilty to charges including embezzlement and Cook was one of his targets.

McCauley reportedly wrote himself a $3 million check from Cook’s account, which tells us two things: 1) McCauley isn’t very bright and 2) “Employee of the Month” must not have bombed too badly.

McCauley had access to Cook’s checkbook because he was working as his business manager. Not sure why Cook hired him except out of apparently misplaced brotherly love before that, McCauley was a corrections officer.

Cook and McCauley are both the sons of Donna Cook, who passed away four years ago. The comedian and sometime actor has not commented on his half-brother’s sentencing, but McCauley has been ordered to pay Cook back.



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