No Joke - Eva Longoria Really Has Filed for Divorce! Cheating Rumors Abound.


eva longoria divorceRemember that pesky rumor yesterday that Tony Parker had filed for divorce from Eva Longoria in Texas?

The report that was first posted by TMZ resulted in an immediate denial from Longoria’s camp and the website retracted the story. It looks like entire thing was a complete ruse by Eva Longoria Parker to give her time to make her own divorce filing in Los Angeles county court!

The Desperate Housewives star filed the papers to divorce her husband of three years in Los Angeles county court earlier this morning.   In making the official filing in California, the actress gets to stay ahead of the San Antonio Spurs point guard.

In her filing, Eva is requesting that her name be returned to her maiden name and reveals that the couple does have a prenuptial agreement in effect.  She is seeking spousal support from her soon-to-be ex-husband. 

The cause of the split is reportedly some extra-marital activities on the part of Tony Parker. 

Looks like there definitely won’t be any babies in their future!

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