No Tacky Gifts for Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding


royal weddingPrince William and Kate Middleton will have their Royal Wedding at the end of the month. The couple has decided that their only registry is one that requests gifts made to their favorite charities. 

Maybe Prince William is trying to avoid what happened to his parents, who had a gift registry at their wedding and were called “vulgar.” Then again, his parents’ registry included a gourmet barbecue set and a pair of Cockatoos. When you are royalty, is it tacky to do a wedding registry, like most of us “common folk” do?

A statement from the Palace said, “Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton have created a charitable gift fund to help celebrate their wedding.”  They picked 26 different charities for their guests or anyone wishing to send a present could choose from.

Would you think badly of Prince William and Kate Middleton if they had a more traditional gift registry?

Photo: PRPhotos