No, That Wasn't Jay-Z's Kid, It Was Solange Knowles' Son (VIDEO)


solange-knowles-son-julez-jay-z-kidsI don’t know about your place, but the question asked most often around our house as we watched the Grammys last night (besides ‘Who the hell is Zac Brown?’) was “Who’s the kid that came on stage with Jay-Z and Rihanna?”

That kid would be Julez Smith, the 5-year-old son of Solange Knowles, Beyoncé’s younger sister. He accompanied Beyoncé’s husband and Rihanna when the pair accepted their Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “Run This Town,” and many observers thought it was some secret son of Jay-Z’s. Although after trotting him out on a telecast watched by millions he certainly wouldn’t be secret anymore. But stranger things have happened (see ‘Zac Brown’ above.)

After his Uncle Jay-Z and Rihanna accepted the award, little Julez was offered a chance to say a few words but got a laugh from the crowd when he answered, “No thanks.” Mom Solange, who didn’t attend the awards, later Tweeted, “Julez is going to enjoy seeing that when he’s 13.”