Nobody Wants Octo-Granny's House



The Pamona, CA home where Octomom’s kids ran wild for 4 years went up for auction today… and nobody was buying. Come on investors, how could you let this piece of parenting history slip through your fingers?

The house – which originally belonged to Nadya’s parents – had been foreclosed on, and was originally slated to go on the auction block in late May. It was pulled when a last minute offer was put in, but the deal apparently fell through.

So, today the house went back on the block for $355K. Not exactly a bargain price, but I’m still a little surprised that nobody was there to scoop it up. The curator of a fertility museum, maybe?

Right now, the deed is still in the hands of the bank. Next time they schedule an auction, maybe they need to go ahead and confirm that all dirty diapers have been hauled away, and all rooms have been sterilized.