Not A Fake Fergie! What Was Up With Fergie's Face at American Idol?

fake fergie american idol
Not a Fake Fergie at American Idol!

For everyone that was wondering it was really Fergie onstage at American Idol last night and not a fake Fergie as it has been speculated across the internet this morning!  Ryan Seacrest confirmed that the puffy (pregnant?) Fergie was truly performing during last night’s results show on Twitter. 

Ryan Seacrest confirms that it was not a Fake Fergie on American Idol….

Seacrest is the first person who was on-hand for the American Idol performance to respond to the question about whether it was Fergie or a Fergie standin by Tweeting, “Haha! Real fergie.Promise RT @ leogirl84: @RyanSeacrest @AmericanIdol.  There are a lot of us that think Fergie was a look a like. Is it true”.    If he promises, I guess it must make it a fact!  Guess Fergie will jump to the top of our Bump Watch list for 2011!

What do you think is up with Fergie’s appearance?  Is Fergie pregnant?  Did Fergie indulge in some bad botox?

Photo: Fox