Not Dead: The Game Will Play On


Oh those internet rumors…they’re so silly. One big question is the motive of the pranksters behind the dissemination of blatantly bad and untrue news. Why do these rumor mongers bother? Don’t they have better things to do? Case in point, today’s rumors that rapper The Game was shot and murdered outside of the Beverly Center Mall on Father’s Day… 

Turns out that the tale was of the tall variety – it was all malarkey. And not only are these kinds of rumors a waste of time, but what about the kids? Fortunately for The Game, his sons Harlem and Justice are just age six and three so they aren’t of internet cruising age yet. But let’s say they were a bit older, got onto the web and read news reports that their dad was killed. It would be a shock to say the least. Even though- in reality- they would probably be notified first by the authorities before it hit the news…just reading it online would be a scary thing to happen.

Why do you think people start fake death internet rumors?


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