Not Guilty! Hollywood Moms That Get Away with Fashion Crimes


These Hollywood moms commit fashion crimes all too often but get away with it.  Here’s a look at some of our favorite celebrity moms who get a B+ for effort, but a fail for common sense.

Is Jennifer Lopez’s revealing bra too much?  Is Angelina Jolie’s slit a bit too high?  What would Suri say about Katie’s hair?  Check out our slide show and decide on the ultimate verdict yourself.

  • Angelina Jolie 1 of 6
    Angelina Jolie
    It might be us, but there's just something Casey-ish about Angie's ponytail, right? Even that panda behind her thinks she's guilty for that high slit (it's a family movie premiere after all!).
  • Gwen Stefani 2 of 6
    Gwen Stefani
    Someone must have read the weather report wrong as Gwen is in a leather jacket yet cutie Zuma is shirtless. Her son might be enjoying a sunny day in Malibu, but it looks like Gwen thinks she's in a coldfront in London.
  • Janice Dickinson 3 of 6
    Janice Dickinson
    Kudos for Janice Dickinson for looking so great at her age, but isn't there a sales tag from Wilson Leathers somewhere behind that bathing suit?
  • Jennifer Lopez 4 of 6
    Jennifer Lopez
    We're glad to see that Jennifer Lopez is wearing a bra (considering how prone she is to nip slips), but she might want to wear a top before going to Max and Emme's school PTA meeting.
  • Katie Holmes 5 of 6
    Katie Holmes
    Katie Holmes obviously can't find her MAC makeup kit that Suri borrowed before her father's birthday bash in Miami the other weekend.
  • Tori Spelling 6 of 6
    Tori Spelling
    Is that Tori Spelling? We can't tell if it's our favorite Beverly Hills High alumni hiding behind those shades or our abuelita in a blonde wig and her Sunday best.