Not Just For Supermodels: Why Our Bumps In Bikinis Make Us Feel Gorgeous, Too

Both Alessandra Ambrosio and I having our "pregnant supermodel on the beach" moments.

The last time I sported a bikini on a beach I was 37 weeks pregnant with my second child, which was almost two years ago to the date. It was the biggest I’ve ever been and the least material I’ve worn on a beach ever since. My belly was big, I was big, and well, my ego was pretty big too and quite frankly I didn’t really care who was looking or who was offended over it because it was my stomach, it was over 90 degrees in South Florida and I was just sweating hot like a you know what.

After I gave birth, my stomach deflated back to its normal size (well, sort of) and I haven’t since dared to wear a bikini on a beach. Yes, I’ve lost the pregnancy weight but everything from it’s aftermath is still there: the not-so-tight skin anymore, the stretch marks (or tiger marks if you will), and well those little signs here and there that say yes, I am a 31-year-old mother who has breastfed two kids and well, things aren’t what they used to be. Halle Berry knows what I’m talking about.

And while I’m comfortable with that and my body and who I am right now, I can’t help but look back and think, why is it that with almost 55 pounds more on me I felt more like a supermodel who didn’t have a problem parading herself in a bikini on a beach than I do now?  Is it because at 37 weeks my stomach was the tightest I’ve ever seen it? Was it the sweltering sun that made me so hot and bothered (and a bit dazed) that I simply didn’t care what I wore or how I wore it? Or was it because I had my Alessandra Ambrosio moment too as a mom-to-be and was simply proud to be bringing in another beautiful baby to South Florida’s population? Looking back at it now, it was more than likely a combination of all three. And I’m sure many other regular moms out there have had their same moments on beaches with their bumps, too.

The only difference between me and Alessandra (ok, there are a lot of differences, but here’s just one) is that two-years post partum I wear a tankini to the pool and I bet she will be strutting her stuff on a runway in about six weeks after she gives birth. And that is absolutely ok.

Tell us, Famecrawler readers: did you ever have a “supermodel moment” during your pregnancy, too? How did you feel about sporting your bump on a beach? Were you covered up or did you flaunt your bump on the sand? Let’s hear your stories.