Notre Dame Student Declan Sullivan Accident: Why Do Schools Allow Sports in Extreme Weather?

Notre Dame
Notre Dame's Declan Sullivan accident

Declan Sullivan worked for Notre Dame’s video department and was filming football practice from atop the school’s video tower on a day in which high winds reached 51 mph.  The tower fell over and he lost his life.

What’s even more tragic is that Sullivan, 20, posted messages  on his Twitter account while he was up in the tower before the deadly accident .

He wrote:

“Gust of wind up to 60mph well today will be fun at work… I guess I’ve lived long enough :-/.”

“Holy **** holy **** this is terrifying.”

This accident has many asking questions, and criticizing the Indiana university for holding practice outside in such  extreme weather conditions.

Why would anyone allow their students to be practicing in strong winds?

The team held practice indoors on Tuesday after there were tornado warnings throughout the area, but practice was resumed outdoors on Wednesday, despite the strong winds.

As a result of Sullivan’s tragic death, an investigation has been launched.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Declan’s family and friends,” coach Brian Kelly said in a release.

“Declan was a diligent student worker in our video department and had a tremendous personality and great sense of humor… The Notre Dame football family will dearly miss him.”

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