Now that the Kids are in School Kate Gosselin Is Ready to Date


Watch out boys there’s a cougar on the loose!

Now that all eight of her kids are in school all day, reality star Kate Gosselin ready to find the man of her dreams.   The high-strung, somewhat obsessive compulsive mom is experiencing a new sense of freedom now that the school year has started and has decided to put herself back out on the market. 

“She is considering dating, as long as it doesn’t take away from being with the children,” an insider tells Fox411. “Kate never really imagined what her life would be like with the sextuplets in school most of the day. She and Jon used to talk about it like it was a far off dream when they were raising them and now that it’s real and Jon is out of her life, it’s surreal.”

So what is the mom-of-eight looking for in a man?  I’m thinking it’s not an overgrown child with hair plugs.  

“Kate’s dream man will be mature, smart and nothing like [her ex-husband] Jon!” says the insider. “He will have to pass her serious checklist of being a responsible, kind and mature adult. She will be avoiding anyone who wants to date her based on her fame or money. It’s tricky and she will be very picky — no blind dates!”

Photo: PR Photo