Now You Can Smell Like Halle Berry!


halle-berry-fragranceHalle Berry is beautiful and I imagine she must smell like a combination of apple spice and freshly baked bread. Her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry is pretty awesome looking, too, and I’d tell you what I think he must smell like but this is a family site.

Well now we can all find out what the scent of Halle is because she’s coming out with her own perfume.

“I’ve always wanted my very own fragrance, one that defines who I am,” Berry told OK! magazine about her new fragrance, Halle by Halle Berry. “And because the scent you wear says a lot about you, I’ve taken the time to choose the one that’s just right for me.”

Berry says the scent is an extension of her personality. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more in touch with my sexuality,” she said. “I feel more free, and I like expressing it. I love this fragrance because it’s very sensual, sexy and playful, on top of being exotic and fruity.”

I wonder what her daughter Nahla, 19-months, will think of it? Something tells me she won’t care unless it smells like juice boxes and goldfish crackers.