Nurse Jackie Season 3 Premiere: Will The Truth Come Out? (VIDEO)

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Nurse Jackie season 3 premieres March 28th

Nurse Jackie is baaaack!

Season 3 returns to Showtime Monday night, March 28th.

Nurse Jackie Peyton played by the talented Edie Falco, spent season one and two fooling everyone at work about her marital status, fooling her husband by having an affair and all while addicted to pills.

Season two ended with the ugly truth closing in Jackie.

Her lover Eddie threatened to come clean about their affair to his good friend Kevin, who also happens to be Jackie’s husband.

And O’Hara and Kevin put the pieces together about Jackie’s pill-popping ways and confronted her about her addiction.

On the season premiere, many of Jackie’s co-workers learn for the first time that she’s married. But it seems as though Jackie is still lying her way through life and work in the new season, but people are catching on.

I’m looking forward to watching Zoey played by Merritt Wever and Dr. Coop played by Peter Facinelli.

Nurse Jackie premieres on Monday, March 28th at 10pm on Showtime, with the new season of United States of Tara at 10:30pm.

Watch the trailer and a video of Edie Falco on the Early Show on March 25th.