'Nurse Jackie' Strolls With Her Daughter Macy Around NYC (Photos)


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Edie Falco at the 65th Annual Tony Awards.

Nurse Jackie star Edie Falco was spotted carrying her daughter Macy while out and about in New York City on Friday (Dec. 16).

Macy is Falco’s adopted daughter and Falco also has an adopted son named Anderson.

A lot of celebrities are bringing adoption to light and publicizing it in a good way for our country. There are a lot of children in the world who need loving parents and celebrities are given a platform where they can publicize issues such as adoption.

We’re a fan of Edie Falco! Take a look at the photos below.

  • Keep Your Eyes Ahead 1 of 10
    Keep Your Eyes Ahead
    Edie Falco and her daughter were caught walking through New York City on Friday (Dec. 16)
  • You Too Mommy! 2 of 10
    You Too Mommy!
    Falco's daughter seemed to listen to the advice, but Edie made direct contact with the paparazzi.
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter 3 of 10
    Like Mother, Like Daughter
    Edie's daughter, Macy, wore a purse that matched her mom's shoes.
  • Do You Like My Hat? 4 of 10
    Do You Like My Hat?
    Macy wore a fashionable fur hat.
  • Don’t Step On A Crack 5 of 10
    Don't Step On A Crack
    Macy looks sort of bored. Playing a game may help that!
  • Everyone Needs A Stocking For Christmas 6 of 10
    Everyone Needs A Stocking For Christmas
    Shouldn't Macy be wearing some stockings?
  • Watch Your Back 7 of 10
    Watch Your Back
    Edie and Macy move closer to the shutterbugs.
  • “Cheese!” 8 of 10
    Macy tried her best at smiling at all the flashing bulbs.
  • Boo! 9 of 10
    And then she got a little scared!
  • Defense, Defense! 10 of 10
    Defense, Defense!
    Macy's nanny acts as a blockade from the paparazzi.

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