O.J. Simpson Innocent?!? How F. Lee Bailey's Paper Claims to Proves It


If you ask almost anyone if O.J. Simpson killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, the answer would generally be a resounding “hell yes!” But a new 20,000 word document by F.Lee Bailey not only makes claims he is and was innocent but he claims he has the proof.

What is F. Lee Bailey’s evidence to O.J. Simpson’s innocence?

He says that there were four people that should have been called to the witness stand in defense of O.I. Simpson back in 1995 but that they were never called to testify. They included “a forensic scientist, an expert on battered women, a blood expert and the person whose possible testimony he says is the most important of the four: a man who might have seen the killers.”  Killers, which there were apparently two of, and neither according to the witness were O.J. Simpson. The witness said that he had seen Nicole Simpson in a confrontation with two men that night of her murder. After he heard about the murders, F Lee Bailey said the witness came to the police with the report and gave a “detailed description and sketch.”

The reason this witness and the others were not called? Apparently the “defense team decided not to call any of the four to the witness stand out of fear that additional jurors would be dismissed and a mistrial declared.”

Why now? He told The Associated Press that, “It’s time somebody put out the real facts of the case.”  But his tale also was part of a book that the initial publisher decided not to release. Also F. Lee Bailey has been disbarred after he allegedly mishandled $6 million worth of his client’s stock. So perhaps this is coming out now in hopes of a new book deal?

Do you think there is any way O.J. Simpson could be innocent? Or is this all just a PR stunt on F. Lee Bailey’s part?


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