Oasis - Why They Split


oasis-break-upThose Gallagher brothers.  How did Oasis ever last this long?

Well, it’s over now.  For now.  Noel Gallagher has left the building and Liam is the reason.  Apparently, Liam said that his niece, Noel’s daughter Anais, was- as a joke, mind you, not really Noel’s kid.

I’m guessing this is the more of a final straw thing.  I’ve heard people make milkman is your daddy jokes in line at the bank without anyone blinking an eye.  I can’t imagine a band and family being torn apart over it.  Either it really hit a nerve, which would be a totally different post, or perhaps Noel had finally had enough of Liam.  And vice-versa.

At least we’ll always have Wonderwall.

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