Obama Calls for Longer School Year, Better Teachers (VIDEO)


That sound you just heard was the collective moan of school children. This morning President Barack Obama called for a longer school year and a firing of the worst teachers if they don’t improve.

“The idea of a longer school year, I think, makes sense,” he said, though did not specify just how long.  US school kids attend classes around a month less than in most other developed countries. Obama also defended federal aid for  poor schools and is pushing for higher standards. He admitted that his own daughters’ Malia and Sasha wouldn’t get the same quality education at a public school as they are receiving at the elite private Sidwell Friends School.

Obama is looking to recruit 10,000 teachers who work in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math – over the next two years. And the president endorsed the firing of teachers who, once given the chance and the training to improve, are still not serving students well.

Below is his interview with Matt Lauer from this morning’s Today Show.

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