Obama: My Daughter Made A 73 On Her Science Test


the-obama-familySpeaking to a group of educators in Wisconsin yesterday, the President revealed that his daughter Malia got a 73 on a recent science test. Gasp. Why? I guess he was trying to use it as an example that parents have to raise their education standards, but I wonder if he asked his daughter if he could use her grades in a speech. How ’bout a little  privacy, dad?

From the President’s Speech:

“Malia and Sasha are just wonderful kids ,and Michelle is a wonderful mother,” Mr. Obama said. “But even in our own household, with all the privileges and opportunities we have there are times when the kids slack off. There are times when they would rather be watching TV or playing a computer game than hitting the books.”

Apparently, he was making a larger point about parents setting the expectations for their kids. According to Barack, Malia was coming home with Bs, and thought that she’d “done pretty well.” Then, he and Michelle told her that she should always aim for “90 percent and up.”

Because of that, when Malia got her 73, she was “depressed” and vowed to study harder. Says Obama, “So she came home yesterday, she got a 95.”

See, all she needed was a little shame… the greatest tool parents have been blessed with. I’m kidding.

Do you think his example really helped illustrate anything? Or should he have kept his daughter’s private life out of the convo?