Obamas Home After Exhausting Vacation


Obamas on VacationHave you ever taken a family vacation that was so stressful and exhausting that you were actually more burned out when you returned home? Apparently, the First Family just had one of those.

Even though the President managed to eek out a couple of golf games and relaxing family bike rides, the family vacay was apparently harassed continuously by forces outside of even the President’s control. First, it was the media swarm, then the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, and then to top it all off, a tropical storm in the Atlantic.

Luckily for him, he’s heading out to Camp David on Wednesday, where he might actually get some peace and quiet. Does the family usually come along to Camp David?

“He is looking to get a break from his vacation…

“I don’t think you can replicate such a terrific place as Martha’s Vineyard, but I do think that he’s looking to get some more rest and relaxation when he goes up there.”

Reportedly, the last half day of the President’s vacation was spent taking Malia and Sasha to the candy story. At least that looked kinda enjoyable. Some vacations end up only being fun for the kids… like going to Wally World or something.