OC Housewife Alexis Bellino Defends Herself After Stroller Incident


After a stroller carrying her two-and-a-half year old daughters rolled into a pool on July 4, Real Housewives of Orange County mom Alexis Bellino is having to do some major damage control in the press.

Recently, she’s taken to her blog to defend herself and ensure fans she really is a good–and attentive–mom. She claims she and her family–including husband Jim– were preparing to leave the Balboa Bay Club swimming pool in Newport Beach, CA, and were saying their goodbyes while (supposedly) staying near the stroller that held their two daughters. “Our girls were in their stroller and I thought I had put the brake on, but apparently I didn’t,” she wrote in her blog.

Bellino says that “within seconds” the stroller rolled away, and a the wheels went off the edge into the pool before either parent could catch the runaway child-carrier. “Of course, Jim instantly went into the pool. He grabbed the girls himself and lifted them both out of the water,” she wrote. Bellino adds that because her daughters weren’t strapped into the stroller, her husband was able to save them before their heads went under the water. Perhaps if you’re forgetful about putting the brakes on, you should strap your kids in…just a thought.

Both parents claim they have learned their lesson, and promise to never turn away from their children when near water, but are apparently very hurt by the situation being “mischaracterized in the media.”

Do you think they’re being attacked for no reason, or do these Real Housewives of OC parents deserve a bit of a lashing?


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