Octavia Spencer Wins Oscar For Best Supporting Actress!

Octavia wins!

It looks like Mark Wahlberg’s Oscar predictions are so far right!

In what will be perhaps the best display of raw emotion for the night, the lovely Octavia Spencer picked up the first big statuette of the night for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the acclaimed film, The Help.

The celebrity mama could barely make it through her speech as she tearfully thanked the Academy for hooking her up “with the hottest guy in the room” before she thanked both the state of Alabama and her Help family for her win.

She also tried to thank her L.A. family, her agent, and some behind-the-scenes names before she repeatedly apologized for her tears of complete and ecstatic joy for winning her first Oscar of her career. Oh, how can you not love this woman? Congrats, Octavia, you were great in The Help. And Babble loves you!

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