Octo-Doc Gets Kicked Out Of Medical Group


octomom_baby-224x300The results are in regarding the evil fertility doctor that enabled Nadya Suleman to transform into Octomom, he’s out. The medical board hasn’t yet (and may never) revoke his license, but the American Society for Reproductive Medicine has given Dr. Michael Kamrava the boot. Good riddance!

Here’s how bad  he screwed up. The ASRM guidelines recommend that doctors transfer no more than 2 embryos into patients under the age of 35. The reason: to reduce the risk of multiple births.

Nadya Suleman, as she was known before her metamorphosis, was 33 at the time of her IVF procedure and Dr. Kamrava reportedly transferred 6 embryos! Two of said embryos split to give her one of the wildest multiple birth pregnancies of all time.

Make no mistake, there was no miracle or accident going on here with Octomom. It was purely the combination of a less-than ethical doctor and a less-than-sane mother of 6 who wanted more.

I guess you could argue that the stars had to align for two highly unstable personalities to meet and form such an unholy alliance … an anti-miracle?

For those of you waiting on pins and needles, it sounds like Dr. Kamrava’s status as a licensed doctor is still being decided upon.