Octo-Mom's Dad Vows To Work Day And Night To Help The Kids

nadya suleman
Nadya Suleman

At least Nadya Suleman has someone in her corner, her father! Recently Nadya has spoken out about not having enough money to pay for groceries and that she has defaulted on her mortgage, putting the mom of 14 at risk for losing her house. But her father, Ed Suleman, has come out and told that “I will never let my family go on welfare,”

He went on to say that “I love my daughter and my grandchildren, and I will never let them live on the street and suffer.” “We are working on these money problems and we will get them fixed,”

I think it’s admirable that Nadya’s father is committed to helping her, but at some point she might have to help herself. And if she can’t afford her house it might be time to move out and into something that she can afford! Ed goes on to tell the website that “I am one hundred percent here for my family,” “Nadya is not alone and we will fix this situation even if I have to work day and night.” I don’t think its right that her father is committing to working around the clock so that she can stay in her home.

The owner of Nadya’s home has said that she hasn’t paid since May and that he has already started the foreclosure proceedings. So, how long do you think before she’s offered a reality TV deal? ‘Raising Sextuplets’ was just renewed for another season following dad Brian Masche’s arrest, and Octo-Mom has been in the tabloids a lot lately due to her financial situation. Do you think all this publicity is an attempt at brokering a TV deal?


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