October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Where Do You Like It?

christina applegate
October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I like it on the floor or on the kitchen counter —whichever is more convenient at the time. Of course, I’m talking about my purse and where I put it when I come in my house!

There is a new ‘Facebook status’ game that is spreading like wildfire, confusing men everywhere just like last year when women started randomly posting their bra color in their Facebook status feed. The new game requires women to post where they like to put their handbag/purse the moment we get home. The purpose of course is to create awareness for Breast Cancer as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Last year’s bra color status update was incredibly popular and this year’s ‘purse location’ seems to be pretty prominent in facebook feeds as well.

Showing just how powerful women can be when we want to spread the word about something, Facebook statuses have been taken over with women posting some pretty funny locations about ‘where they like it!’ These days it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been touched by breast cancer, and celebrities are no different. Celebrity moms such as Edie Falco, Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, mom to be Christina Applegate, as well as many more (including some famous men as well) have all fought breast cancer and won.

So will you be posting ‘where you like it’ on your facebook status to help create Breast Cancer awareness?