OctoDolls Coming Soon?

Yes, It's a Real Doll
Yes, It's a Real Doll

Here’s a nice little gift you can get your daughter or son, a package of eight little dolls, in the likeness of the octuplets.

There are so many things wrong with that. First and foremost,  it’s just plain creepy, second, do you really want to set your kids up with the idea that having 8 kids is a walk in the park.

An “insider” reported to Star Magazine that Nadya had an epiphany while at Toys R Us, kids need 8 little dolls to play with at once. Never mind the six dolls you already have on the floor, those are yesterday’s news.

If these ever come to fruition, you can count on the fact that I will never by them, ever. They are just a bad idea.

Whenever I think of Octomom Nadya Suleman, I think how unfair we’re being to her other kids by just acknowledging the 8 newest members of the family. Poor things, they have enough going against them right now, they don’t need the public to forget about them too.


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