Octomom Explains It All: Where Do Babies Come From? (Video)


octomom_baby-neonatalRemember that Miss Teen USA contestant from a few years ago who flubbed a geography question with a long incomprehensible rant about “US Americans?” Well, she’s back in the spotlight. Jimmy Kimmel has recruited Miss Teen South Carolina 2007 to help explain how babies are made, and he’s enlisted Octomom to help out.

In short, the video is awesome. It’s a simple formula: Take two objects of mass public ridicule and put them together, give them something scientific to talk about, and you end up with comedy gold.

Caitlin Upton, AKA Miss Teen South Carolina, is actually pretty funny, but of course, I’m not quite sure whether she’s aware that she’s pulling off the ultimate self-parody.

I’m hoping that this video gets adopted into the sex-ed curriculum in most of the nation’s school districts. Kimmel’s crew found that perfect balance between being informative and the ultimate cautionary tale.

Were you a little bit surprised by how well Octomom seemed to understand the IVF process? I mean, she has been through the process a few times, and I’m sure it was scripted, but she seems comes across as moderately less brain-dead than I expected.

Maybe her reality show won’t bomb.