Octomom Is Back In The Hospital


nadya-suleman-coffeeWe have an Octomom down… I repeat, an Octomom down. Nadya Suleman is reportedly in the hospital for the next 24-48 for more plastic surgery to look good on her reality show an undisclosed reason. Is it serious? Does it have anything to do with her recent surgeries?

According to a source inside Octomom’s lair, the trip to the Kaiser Permanente hospital in Bellflower, CA is just a routine check-up thingy: “This is not a big deal and Nadya should be back on her feet in a few days.”

A few days? In the hospital? How often do you spend 2-3 days in a hospital for something that’s “not a big deal.” Even plastic surgery doesn’t take that long, right?

Back in mid May, Octo had a procedure to remove some tumors from her uterus. No telling whether this is related, but if so, that seems fairly serious. I hope Suleman hired a good sitter.

Is this a stunt to hype Octo’s new two-hour special on Fox.