Octomom Nadya Suleman's Doctor Loses License: How Many Babies Is Too Many?

Nadya Suleman, the Octomom

Ever since Nadya Suleman, aka the Octomom, had her octoplets, adding to the six kids the single mom already had at home, we’ve been asking how many kids is too many?

And what about her doctor, implanting 12 embryos in Nadya Suleman at once? The doctor, Michael Kamrava will lose his medical license on July 1.  Was he really at fault? Can someone tell a mom how many is too many babies?

According to the California Medical Board, Dr. Michael Kamrava committed “gross negligence” with “repeated negligent acts, for an excessive number of embryo transfers.”

Dr. Kamrava says that it was Nadya who insisted on having all twelve embryos implanted and he didn’t think he could implant any less than what she wanted.

But, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends no more than two embryos be implanted in a woman under 35.

When he was dealing with Nadya Suleman, a woman who had already had six kids through IVF and wanted more, shouldn’t the doctor have stopped instead of implanting 12 embryos in her?

And here’s a scary thought: the Octomom still has 29 frozen embryos stored if she decides to have more kids!

Should the mom have final say about this or should it be a doctor’s responsibility to step in and say when enough is enough?

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