Octomom Not Allowed At Michael Jackson's Funeral


michael_jackson_octomomNo Octomoms Allowed! Surprisingly (to her deluded self), Nadya Suleman was not on the short list of close family and friends invited to Michael Jackson’s funeral despite sending the family a letter in which she expressed her wishes to be present.

No, I’m not making this up. Nadya reportedly sent the bereaved Jacksons a letter requesting an invite. Why on God’s green earth would Octomom be invited to MJ’s very private an intimate funeral ceremony?

Because, in her words, Michael was her “spiritual soul mate,” and she felt the need to be present at Forest Lawn Memorial Park “in order to give me closure.” Wow… and there’ plenty more crazy where that came from.

But let’s refrain from bashing Octomom for just one moment and consider what she reportedly said. Are there more similarities between MJ and Octomom than meet the eye?

Aside from Nadya’s lack of vocal talent, they both had a mysterious obsession with in vitro fertilization and they both have multiple children that only they know the real biological father or fathers of.

Did Nadya ever dangle one of her babies out over a 3rd floor balcony? Because that would be another eerie similarity.