Octomom Shall Have Her Day In Court



As Nadya Suleman’s contract with RadarOnline heads to it’s finale and her reality show looms closer on the horizon, she needs to remember her day in court is approaching.

It’s been moved once, from June 22nd to July 27th and hopefully there it will stay. Nadya has admitted, via RadarOnline, that she has made a mess of things and that she regrets her decision to have so many kids. Too little too late I say, but maybe now she will be a little contrite and actually ask for help from her mom and not just sit there with her superior look on her face.

Or was it all a ploy? Does she have a publicist that can handle her now and is going along with her little scheme? Is she trying to get us interested enough to make us want to watch her show?  We’ll think, poor Octomom, she regrets her decision, she’s really changed from that smug girl that talked down to her mother on national television.


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