'Octomom: The Musical' is born! (Photos)



I think we can all agree that Octomom is a real piece of work… but is she a work of art? Apparently, starting on July 18th, the answer will be: yes. She’s the subject of a new musical entitled Octomom: The Musical! at LA’s Fake Gallery.

No kidding, Nadya Suleman has an open invitation from the show’s producers to come check it out for free during the run. From People:

“We have a whole row of seats 14 of them reserved for her,” says film and TV actor Chris Voltaire, who not only wrote the musical but will also play the role of Suleman’s controversial fertility doctor.”

Octomom: The Musical is sure to be a favorite for those looking to revel in the freak show, but will this production cast any light on the details of Nadya Suleman’s life? Ha! I really doubt it.

For those juicy and candid tidbits, you’ll have to tune into her reality show, if it ever really gets filmed and aired. Until then, a theater company’s sure-to-be campy take on the Octomom’s saga will have to suffice.

Judging from the costumes, I’m guessing that it’s a dark comedy. Oh yeah, and the fact that there’s a chorus line of “dancing Snuggie-clad Octuplettes.”

octomom-musical-320 octomom-musical-240