Octomom! The Musical Opens In LA



Despite Octomom’s efforts to shut down the production, Octomom! The Musical opened last week to sell-out crowds at LA’s The Fake Gallery.

The show, which reportedly features flying babies, isn’t completely based on the life of Nadya — it also lampoons the life of Bernie Madoff. The show is supposedly a comedic glimpse into the lives of two whacked-out people who just can’t seem to get enough of something.

Around the time that auditions were being held, it was rumored that Nadya Suleman was attempting to trademark her infamous nickname.

Director Chris Voltaire took the gamble that Suleman wouldn’t sue… because she’d simply be glad to get all the extra attention. Looks like he was right.

No word on whether or not the real Octomom showed up to claim her free ticket. Obviously, she didn’t make it Friday night because she was all tied up with that whole 911 nonstop vomiting thing.


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