Octomom -To The Hospital and Home Again



Nadya Suleman rushed her two-year-old son caleb to the hospital last night. He apparently drank some sort of “unknown” solution and she rushed him to the hospital to be on the safe side.

While I’m glad he’ll be okay I’m wondering why Nadya has a salt water solution lying around the house where a two-year-old can ingest it. I say salt water, because someone reported the solution was a salt-water solution used for dieting or as a laxative, but I can’t remember who.

If she has stuff to hide she needs to make sure it isn’t where the kids can get it at all. We all know how wiley and limber kids can be, especially when they want something. You have to hide that stuff; pretty much on the roof or in the attic.  Then again, She spends enough time on the Target baby aisle to know that there all kinds of ingenious baby proof locks now-a-days.

What she needs is a baby-proofing specialist to go through her house with a fine tooth comb to make sure that it’s perfectly safe for all of her kids. Or put a climber baby in it and follow them around for hours, closely, to find out what they are attracted to and fix the issue. Especially since those octuplet babies will be crawling in the next couple of months.

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