Ode to April Fool's Day: Top 10 Notorious Celebrity Parent Pranksters

Pitt pulled a fast one on notorious prankster George Clooney. In return Clooney says he's working on a prank that might "end Brad's career."

April Fool’s Day is coming and one thing is for sure:  if I was friends with George Clooney I’d be slightly concerned. The actor is Hollywood’s most notorious prankster.

Clooney, who doesn’t have children,  has pulled some pretty good pranks on some of Hollywood’s hottest parents.

As for what Pitt can expect, Clooney’s pranks in the past might give some clues. While shooting “Ocean’s Eleven,” Clooney placed potted plants in front of Julia Roberts’ trailer door so she couldn’t get out. And while Matt Damon was trying to lose weight for his role in “The Informant” in 2009, Clooney had the actor’s pants taken in by a tailor daily, leaving Damon confused as to why he was gaining weight.

But, as you’re about to see, Brad Pitt punked Clooney big time. Now, as Clooney told interviewer James Lipton, he’s working on a response prank so good it could “end Brad Pitt’s career.”

I’ve got a feeling it’ll take more than a prank to end Pitt’s career … but I still can’t wait to see what Clooney’s got up his sleeve.

George certainly isn’t the only one who enjoys a good prank. Several other celebrities are notorious for pulling fast ones.  Some like to prank costars, others like to prank their friends, some like to trick their kids and some like to prank the entire world

Check it out below: ten celebrity parent pranksters.

  • Brad Pitt 1 of 10
    Brad Pitt
    The dad of six is a notorious funnyman on the sets of his movies. Moneyball costar Jonah Hill says "he's playing prank chess all the time; he's three moves ahead of you." An example of Pitt's humor? He rigged Hill's car to play Wham's Wake Me Up Before You Go every time he turned it on. Pitt outlined his best prank on George Clooney to interviewer James Lipton: "I sent a memo to the entire Italian crew, in Italian, that said, 'Dear Crew: We wish you a wonderful shoot. George Clooney asks that, this is a very difficult role for him. He needs to concentrate deeply,'" says Pitt, 48. "'Mr. Clooney asks that you try not to interrupt him, look him in the eye. If you do need to address Mr. Clooney, please refer to him only as 'Daniel' or 'Mr. Ocean.'" "It went on for two weeks," Pitt added. "He handled it gracefully, but he was becoming unnerved, I think."
  • Julia Roberts 2 of 10
    Julia Roberts
    Julia is the only celebrity mom I could find who enjoys a good prank. If you know of any, please add them in the comments below! Roberts has been the victim of Clooney's jokes but she mostly enjoys pranking her kids. She told Ellen Degneres, "If I hear them coming and they don't know where I am in the house, I crouch down in their private space and [when] they come in, I jump out," she told DeGeneres. "Really, little people can just catch air. They just vault." In fact, Roberts scared them so much she had to dial it down a notch. "I realized I was getting too much joy from it, so I've had to tone it down. It's so wrong. It's like child abuse."
  • Sasha Baron Cohen 3 of 10
    Sasha Baron Cohen
    The dad of two is, in my opinion, one of the world's greatest pranksters. He's made a living from pranking. From Ali G. to Borat, dude is good. He never breaks character and has pranked average people, movie stars and the media. I'd like to see Clooney pull a fast one on this guy.
  • Matt Damon 4 of 10
    Matt Damon
    Damon was involved in a prank that involved him confirming to the media that George Clooney was gay and hoping to marry his lover. He also liked to change Clooney's outgoing voicemail message. Damon's best work? When he joined forces with Sarah Silverman to create the video F*@#king Matt Damon to punk Jimmy Kimmel.
  • Ben Affleck 5 of 10
    Ben Affleck
    Affleck helped Jimmy Kimmel get back at Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon by creating the video F*@#ing Ben Affleck. Affleck is also known to pull some pretty gross stunts on his costars. I'll let you click the link instead of elaborating.
  • Will Ferrell 6 of 10
    Will Ferrell
    Although every character Ferrell plays in the movies seems like the greatest prank ever, he's actually known for some pretty good stunts in real life too. Ferrell stopped by his alma mater, USC, dressed as a superhero called Captain Compete. He caught a man who fell from a camera tower and threw Gatorade on a burning man. Here's another prank showing Ferrell in action crashing a CNBC news set.
  • Johnny Depp 7 of 10
    Johnny Depp
    Depp doesn't exactly come immediately to mind when thinking of top pranksters, but the actor is known to have a little fun on the set — like the time he brought a fart machine while filming with actress Penelope Cruz. She told Hollywood Scoop that while filming the dramatic movie Blow Depp pulled a fast one. "I was doing a very dramatic close-up," Cruz said, explaining that, using a remote control, "He kept making that sound with the machine."
  • Johnny Knoxville 8 of 10
    Johnny Knoxville
    Like Sasha Baron Cohen, Knoxville has become a millionaire because of his pranks. You've got to have a pretty tough skin to hang out with Knoxville and his jackass crew, though. I mean, the guy put a beehive in a limo with his friends and dumped Bam Margera in a pit of snakes. Yeesh. Some of Knoxville's finer pranks can be seen here.
  • Howard Stern 9 of 10
    Howard Stern
    Whether you know it or not, Howard is one of the greatest pranksters of all time. He originated sending guys to the red carpet to ask celebrities the most outlandish questions possible. Stern's also the king of prank calls and pulling stunts on everyone who works for The Howard Stern Show. One of my favorite pranks of his is when he made one of his guys believe he was retiring. Sal, the guy who was tricked, sobbed on air like a baby until Howard told him he had actually renegotiated his new satellite radio contract.
  • Paul Newman 10 of 10
    Paul Newman
    Forget Clooney, Paul Newman was the original Hollywood prankster. As The Frisky reports, Newman was famous for getting directors. When one director didn't take his suggestion, Newman sawed his desk in half so it fell on him the minute the guy sat down. When another director wouldn't buy a round of drinks, Newman staged a fake car crash. The best, though, is when Newman cut a director's car in half. Don't worry — he bought the guy a new one.

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