"Off the Map:" Just Another Medical Drama or Something More?

"Off the Map" premiere

Oh, look. Incredibly hot doctors all working together. We even see the familiar Shondaland credit rolling at the end of the show. Is this new show just like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” or is it something more?

“Off the Map” made its debut tonight on ABC.  With a formula of good-looking doctors and young doctors without much of a clue and with mysterious pasts, it sounds like “Grey’s.” Is it worth watching?

The location alone makes this show different. The doctors are working in a small town in the South American jungle.  The challenges that this set of doctors will face will be different than those of other shows.  One of the doctors has to zipline to get to her patient. Others struggle with the language barrier.

Even if there will probably be the familiar romantic triangles and fights among doctors, it’s different enough from the medical dramas we know and love.

If you missed the first episode, you can watch an extended sneak peek at it here or watch after Wednesday on ABC.

Did you watch “Off the Map?” What did you think?

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