Off the Market: George Clooney Reportedly Engaged to Girlfriend Amal Alamuddin


112981PCN_Premiere30And you thought it would never happen!

It looks like eternal bachelor George Clooney is FINALLY ready to settle down as the Hollywood actor has reportedly popped that very important question to his girlfriend, British lawyer Amal Alamuddin.

After dating a long list of celebrities (and Las Vegas cocktail waitresses), it looks like our George has finally met “the one.”

A source tells Us Weekly:

“This is the healthiest relationship I’ve ever seen George in. He seems incredibly happy, and Amal is such a sweet and intelligent girl, who has her own thoughts and ideas and doesn’t just bow down to everything he says.”

It doesn’t seem like George and Amal have been together for too long though as George was rumored to be dating model Monika Jakisic back in October. Before then, he dated wrestler Stacy Keibler for two years.

As shocking as this is, something tells me that George Clooney might really be head over heels for Amal as I don’t think he would have popped the question without being totally serious about it first. Still, we can’t wait to hear more details about the engagement and of course hopefully the wedding soon, too!

Now that he’s got marriage on his mind … could there be babies next?

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