Oh, Boy! Grey's Anatomy's Sarah Drew Has Her Baby

Sarah's stomach is a lot smaller now - and her heart is a lot bigger.

Dr. Kepner to the maternity room – stat!

Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew is now the proud new mom of a baby boy, who arrived at 6:21 last night.

She and husband Peter Lanfer decided not to find out the gender in advance, she says, in order to help curb her control-freak ways.

“I’m about to walk into a chapter of my life where I have no control over anything anymore, and I figured I’d help ease myself into it by not allowing myself to plan for the sex of the baby. It’s good training for me!” she told People.

No odd color-based or cartoon-character names for the littlest Lanfer. Sarah and Peter went old-school in their choice. What did they name their firstborn?

Micah Emmanuel!

Both are Old Testament names you don’t hear very often; Micah means “Who is like God?” and Emmanuel means “God is with us.”

But even if he’d been named Rutabaga, this little one would still be a blessing.

A number of Gray’s cast members have been pregnant in real life – Jessica Capshaw just announced she’s having her third baby. But don’t look for Sarah’s character to sprout a bump on the show; Dr. Kepner’s a virgin, and the writers decided against having her lose her virginity and gain a baby at the same time!

Congratulations to the delighted parents!

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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