Oh My! Pink Wears Willow While Dad Flips Off the Paparazzi! (Photos)

Pink Takes Willow For A Walk

Pink and her husband Carey Hart are not fans of the paparazzi…at all. They’ve already been very clear that they do not want to be stalked and photographed, but that – sadly – comes with the job of being a celebrity. In this country it’s a trade off – fame and fortune for a lose of privacy. And while they sent an open letter to the paparazzi, the photographers still keep snapping. But that doesn’t mean that Pink and husband Carey Hart are still not totally upset about it.

While the family was walking the streets of New York City this week, Pink was wearing their baby Willow in a Baby Bjorn. While dad Hart gave the photographers the middle finger salute.

Check out photos of the family right here.

Do you think it’s okay to flip off the paparazzi or should one just give in to the fame?

  • Pink and Willow 1 of 5
    Pink and Willow
    A sweet pair.
  • Pink and Willow 2 of 5
    Pink and Willow
    Pink is currently filming in New York City.
  • Cary Hart 3 of 5
    Cary Hart
    Yeah, he's not too pleased to see the paparazzi!
  • Pink, Carey Hart and Willow 4 of 5
    Pink, Carey Hart and Willow
    But Carey Hart seems to calm down.
  • Pink, Carey Hart and Willow 5 of 5
    Pink, Carey Hart and Willow
    The family who try to escape the cameras but can't...




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