Oh My! Suri Cruise Wore Her PJs Out to Dinner in NYC! (Photos)

Suri Cruise in Her Dinner Outfit!

I think we all know who rules the Holmes / Cruise household. It’s not mom Katie Holmes. It’s not dad Tom Cruise. It’s their five-year-old daughter Suri Cruise. When Suri wants ice cream, she gets ice cream. When Suri wants mom to carry a menagerie of stuffies, mom carries a menagerie of stuffies. When Suri want to eat penis shaped candies, Suri get penis shaped candies. And if Suri wants to wear her pajamas when going out to dinner with her mom and her grandma, nobody will get in her way.

Suri was spotted heading out of their New York City apartment, while carrying her Madeline tea set, and sporting a pair of boldly printed pajamas. An interesting choice for a girl who has a million dollar wardrobe.

Check out more photos of Suri and her mom right here!

  • Katie with Family 1 of 5
    Katie with Family
    Katie wore her PJs under a jean jacket when out with her grandma and mother.
  • The Tea Set 2 of 5
    The Tea Set
    She carried her Madeline tea set with her, a little tea party at dinner perhaps?
  • Katie 3 of 5
    Katie Holmes was fresh-faced and casual.
  • Of Course.. 4 of 5
    Of Course..
    Katie is carrying one of Suri's items! When is she not?
  • Covering Up 5 of 5
    Covering Up
    Perhaps realizing that PJS wasn't the most normal choice, Suri tries to cover up.