Oh, No! Tori Spelling Needs to Keep Scissors Away from Stella!

tori spelling
Stella McDermott gives herself a haircut

This weekend, Tori Spelling experienced a motherhood rite of passage.

One that most moms wish that they can avoid. One that some moms think that they can avoid by keeping all scissors out of reach of their children.

Tori Spelling’s three year-old daughter gave herself a haircut while the family was on vacation!  Tori Spelling tweeted for some help from the star of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover: “@tabathacoffey look wht Stella did to her hair. Help! Ha ha! RT @torianddean: Stella’s handiwork on her hair.”

My own boys took scissors to their hair this past winter. I really have no clue where the scissors even came from.  They were playing quietly in their room and emerged with new haircuts. You’d think it wouldn’t be that big of a deal since I have boys, except that my boys usually wear their hair long AND of course it was right before we were to have family pictures taken.

Though, it’s probably harder to fix and even more noticeable on a little girl! Stella did quite the job on her hair.  Maybe someone will be able to blend those short strands in. Or maybe Stella will be sporting an ultra-short new do! We can’t wait to see Stella’s unplanned new look!

Photo: Twitter

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