Okay, Christina Applegate's Baby is Really, Really Cute (Photos)

Christina Applegate and Sadie Grace!

I’ll say it. Not all babies are adorable. Some look like aliens, some like wrinkled old men. But others, they come out of the womb looking like they are ready for a Gerber Baby commercial casting call. Christian Applegate’s baby Sadie Grace is apparently one of those babies.

The new mom was seen on the set of Up All Night holding her eight-month-old baby girl who really is adorable. And it’s quite a nice perk that Christina gets to bring her little girl to work with her.

Check out the cuteness of Sadie Grace right here!

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    Christina Applegate
    Christina Applegate keeps a tight hold of daughter Sadie.
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    Christina Applegate
    It was bring the baby to the set day for Christina Applegate!
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    Christina Applegate
    Look at those adorable cheeks!
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    Christina Applegate
    It really is great that she can bring her baby to work with her.

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