Oksana Grigorieva Receives Death Threats. How Are People Still Supporting Mel Gibson?

As of right now, four Mel Gibson Is The Worst Person Ever  tapes have been released. He makes racist remarks, tears down the mother of his child, threatens to kill Oksana Grigorieva and burn down her house and all but admits that he hit her while she was holding their baby. And yet, some people are still coming to his defense, going so far as to make death threats to Oksana.

Astounding, but not unbelievable. Somehow this guy still has supporters. Whoopi Goldberg’s  claiming he’s not a racist. Conservative pundit John Derbyshire, who defended Mel after he drunkenly professed his hatred of all Jews, came forward to defend him again, telling the Daily Beast “Clearly Mel’s a guy who’s deeply unhappy some of the time and finds relationships with women difficult.” 


Even commenters on Famecrawler have rushed to defend him. GodBlessMel said:  “I do not believe Oksana. I do not believe Mel Gibson hit her. His ex wife never made these claims and he was with her a lot longer than this gold digger.”  Bob weighed in that “The tape is engineered, it is not mel on the tape. She is a Russian whore, period.” MamaBear believes that: “Oksana sounds like she taped her side of the conversation in a sound studio, Mel sounds drunk on his ass. Sometimes it doesn’t even sound like Mel is talking to her, but bits and pieces from some other conversations. You know what else? They take turns! Real people shout at the same time, and over each other when they are mad. On these tapes they take turns. That is why I know the tapes have been edited!”

Seriously people? Let’s look at the facts.

Mel has a history of horrible behavior. Not only is he a known anti-Semite, he’s also a brazen homophobe. After making very public hate-fueled  comments about homosexuals, he told Playboy he would apologize for it “when hell freezes over.” When New York Times’ Frank Rich criticized his movie Passion of the Christ Mel said, “I want to kill him…I want his intestines on a stick… I want to kill his dog.”

The man is obviously dealing with some intense rage issues. The tapes are not edited. If they were edited, wouldn’t Mel and his legal team have come out saying they were false instead of letting more and more of his rants come out in public? Why not stop the media circus? So far all we have heard is that he is “coping” through therapy.

He did these things. The tapes are real. And if Oksana was a gold digger, she isn’t now. She signed away her right to Mel’s fortune and turned down $20 million for joint custody of daughter Lucia, instead opting to keep Mel as far away from her baby as possible. She is trying to protect her child through whatever means necessary. This is a bold and scary move. It is hard for victims of domestic abuse to come out against their attackers. Instead of tearing her down, we should be lauding her with praise for fighting back.

Mel made a few good movies, I’ll give him that. I liked Maverick. But so what? He has done nothing to prove he is a decent person. Why defend him?

Article Posted 6 years Ago
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