Oksana Grigorieva Tried To Extort Mel Gibson?


Rumors are beginning to bubble to the surface of the Internet gossip circles that Oksana Grigorieva tried to extort Horrible Person Mel Gibson. TMZ is claiming to have “hard proof,” that the battered mom demanded more than $10 million to keep the tapes of him ranting a secret.

I hope this isn’t true because if so, it seriously weakens her case. Many feel that Oksana is a classic gold digger, a label put on all women who date men much wealthier than them. She has broken out of that cliche by turning down $20 million for joint custody and signing away her rights to any of Mel’s movie fortune. This of course, throws a big dollar sign covered wrench into that perception.

There are (supposedly) emails and other “physical evidence” to prove she tried to extort him.  “There’s a long trail of evidence,” said an insider.

Let’s say this is true for a second. Mel should have paid her. His career is dunzo, his public perception shattered, and his chance of dating another woman incredibly low. His life is basically crushed.

As for the ranting lunatic tapes, there has been plenty of debate about whether they will be admissible in court. California law requires two-party consent for recording phone conversations. However, there is an exception under [penal code] 633.5, which states that in certain types of cases like “kidnapping, bribery, extortion, and crimes involving threats of violence,” they can be used. The judge will have to rule on it.