Oksana Says No-Way To Mel's Pre-Nup


Oksana says I don't need a pre-nupMel Gibson’s lady love Oksana Grigorieva isn’t going to sign a pre-nup and doesn’t care who knows.

Mel has a lot of money and is worried about his fortune if anything were to go wrong in their relationship. A source even said that, “Oksana gave Mel a kick in the head when she flat-out refused to sign the prenuptial agreement. She had Timothy’s baby, but refused to marry him because he insisted on a prenup to protect his fortune. Oksana was offended by it — and now she’s telling Mel the same thing.”

Ruh-roh, how does Mel feel about this. “Mel is seriously conflicted by Oksana’s reaction. He’s such a God-fearing Catholic, he’s adamant that getting married to her is the right thing to do. But she’s stubborn. She’ll give him up before she’ll sign. She’s done it before.”

Le sigh, I don’t think anything will be settled any time soon.