Oksana's New Video Directed by Baby Daddy Mel Gibson (Video)



“Beautiful Heartache,” the second video from Mel Gibson’s fiancee? girlfriend? baby mama? muse Oksana Grigorieva dropped this weekend. The expecting father apparently lent a hand with the production, directing the video’s 7-day shoot in Mexico.

The song, a kind of sultry, tango-inspired pop diddy, is probably a step up from Oksana’s first single “Say My Name,” but I don’t think it’s going any further than Mel’s dollars can push it. At least the video’s simply and tastefully done.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t give us a glimpse of Oksana’s baby bump. Oksana and OctoMel’s baby girl is due sometime in the fall.

After the initial deluge of rumors after Mel made the pregnancy announcement, news is pretty scarce on the Mel-Oksana front. Hopefully Mel and Oksana are still getting along and making plans for their new daughter.

The way I see it, when it comes to celebrities: no news = good news.