Oliver Hudson Says Second Time Is Harder


erinn-bartlett-oliver-hudson-pregnant-wilderOliver Hudson and his wife Erinn Bartlett  are being run ragged by their son Wilder. It doesn’t help that Erinn is in the 3rd trimester of her 2nd pregnancy She says it’s hard to be pregnant and care for a toddler.

Well, duh!

Talk to any mom that’s been pregnant with a toddler and she’ll readily agree with you.
Oliver said, “We have [a] crazy 2 ½-year-old running around. There’s so much work involved with keeping our eye on the little one out in the world.”

About the pregnancy Erinn said, “It’s not as new, obviously, and there’s a lot less fear. A lot less nerves involved … We know what we’re doing now. Or so we think we know what we’re doing!”

They are waiting until the baby is born to find out the sex of their baby. It’s so exciting to find out the sex of your baby on the day it’s born.

Congrats to the very tired, busy couple.

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