Oliver Martinez Has His Hands Full With Nahla ! Halle Berry To The Rescue! (Photos)


Oliver Martinez has his hands full with Nahla as he drops her off at school! He is doing so well he does not even need Halle Berry to rescue him!

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    Olivier Martinez
    Olivier Martinez sheds his tough guy image to carry a pink lunchbox and bag as he takes fiance Halle Berry's daughter Nahla to school.
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    Nahla seems to be giving Oliver a run for his money this morning.
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    Nahla does not look thrilled to be on her way to school!
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    Not, sure if this show she is putting on is for the paparazzi?
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    Loving Nahla's white coat! Super cute and the perfect length!
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    Oliver is very focused on getting Nahla to school! Impressive he has not lost his direction!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast News.com )
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