Olivia Munn Wants a Big Family - FIVE Kids!

Olivia Munn wants five kids

Olivia Munn wants a big family even though she doesn’t even have kids yet!

The 31-year-old comedic actress co-stars with Sarah Jessica Parker in the new comedy, I Don’t Know How She Does It, and plays a woman who did not grow up with dreams of motherhood.

But in real life, the Daily Show correspondent says she wants to have a lot of kids!

“I’ve always wanted to have a big family and I’ve always wanted to adopt. Coming from a family of five, I think five is a good number,” Olivia, 35, tells FOX.

“I don’t know if I want to have five actual children coming out of my vagina, but adoption is important to me because there’s so many children that need a home and need love.”

Munn knows what it’s like to have a tough upbringing and wouldn’t want the same for her own children.

“I grew up in a family where my stepfather wasn’t a very nice guy, my first stepfather, because my second stepfather is great, but the first one wasn’t a nice guy,” she said.

“And I have very vivid memories of being four or five years old and just feeling helpless and feeling like, ‘How do I get out of this?’ and not having anyone to really turn to because kids are a lot more aware than you might think, or people give them credit for.”

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